Our Services

Salon Services
Full Set of Nails
Acrylic Nail Set 25
Pink & White 45
Gel Nail Set 35
Acrylic Nail Fill 17
Pink & White – Back Fill 35
Pure Gel Fill 25
French or American with Service for hand 5
Polish (Hands)
Buff & Polish 10
Polish (Feet)
Buff & Polish 10
Natural Manicure 15
Want to grow nails? Maintain your natural nails every week or two. We shape, trim cuticle, hand massage, apply nails strengthener, and finish
with your favorite color or buff to shine!
Spa Manicure 25
(Sea Salt Scrub & Paraffin Wax)
Dry skin? Try this deep moisturizing manicure includes exfoliate, massage with paraffin wax therapy,and finish with your favorite color or buff
and shine.
Natural Spa Pedicure 25
Short on time? Treat yourself with sanitize foot bath, trim cuticle, remove callus, leg massage, and finish with your choice of your polish.
Signature Spa Pedicure 35
(Mineral Salt Scrub + Paraphin Wax)
Soft feet at all time? Invest in your feet that takes your everywhere. Relax while we soften your feet, trim cuticle, remove callus, exfoliate
your leg, deep massage with warm towel and paraffin wax.
Pearl Spa Pedicure 45
Pearl Spa is one of the spa experience kinds. The pearl powder is a health and beauty secret used in Asia for thousands of years. It is
believed to not only promote luxurious and healthy skin but also be good for bone development. It is a 6 steps pedicure that starts with a
soothing soak that relaxes and refreshes to relieve stress and aching muscles. Next, the Pearl Cleanser will foam into a rich and silky lather
before rinsed off and the sugar scrub in applied to restore silky skin. The hydrating mask with leave your legs, toes and feet feeling soft and
fresh before the mineral massage scream will restore skins texture. Lastly, the Pearl Lotion will leave your skin softer and healthier.
Jelly Spa Pedicure 35
Aloe Vera extracts, which is gentle enough for sensitive skins, act as a burst of hydration for dry and tired skin. The bits of jelly work as a
natural exfoliate while plant oils deeply moisturize skin. Highlight of this experience is soaking in this gelatinous foot bath and massaging
Jelly Pedi into the skin and muscles, stimulating senses that has never been touched before.
Nail Repair 5
Nail Cut 3
Nail Design 5
Paraffin Wax 7
Eye Brow Wax 12